The Value of the Lens You Use on your Camera

The lens you use on your DSLR camera is more important than the body that it’s on and, if you let it, your lens can do amazing things for you.  Generally speaking, the make of camera and even the make of the lens is not what gives you an outstanding image, but the lens itself and how you use it.

Lenses do different jobs.  Wide angle lenses (12mm – 35mm) are used to cover a lot of area and have most everything in sharp focus.  Mid-range lenses (40mm – 85mm) are meant to crop into a scene a little tighter or perhaps be used for small groups or individual photos.  In these lenses you begin to pick up differences in depth-of-field where some areas are blurry.  Then there are telephoto lenses (100mm and up).  These lenses offer great compression and can make the in-focus subject stand out against a blurry background.

This little yellow flower was shot against a northern Azalia that was in full bloom. While the distance between my lens and the flower and the flower and the Azalia is important, the lens compression gave it this look. Shot with a 70-300mm lens at f/5.4

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