Kind Words

It’s one thing to take a photograph of a flower, Rosie, but you make them come alive and jump off the page !!! Maura D

Rosie, you will never know how much gratitude I have that you took me under your wing and gave me the ability to see with my heart first instead of my eyes.  I have been forever changed by your love and encouragement.  Leslie R

You have taught me patience, my dear.  Instead of going off half-witted and snapping pictures of anything and everything, I wait patiently for my heart to tell me to click that shutter!  Candy Z

Rose Mary’s photography is amazing and diverse.  For 7 years, she has photographed an event for us (Patriot Cruise & Salute) in which we honor veterans.  The photos span the entire day and capture, in still shots and videos, the most emotional and patriotic moments that are too easily missed with the naked eye.  Her ability to sense the scene and what it means is incomparable.  Her photos are as much from the heart as from the eye.  We witnessed the same sensitivity when she photographed our grandson from birth to his first birthday.  She gave us memories to cherish throughout his life.  Every facial expression was captured and his story has been saved in sensitive and loving detail.  Rozann A

Rosie, you prepared my wife and I for the greatest trip of a lifetime.  We knew exactly how to approach our 6 weeks in Asia and Africa because you invested your time and talent into our lives to ensure we had the right equipment and the right inspiration to come back with the best images possible.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Ken S

Rosie, I consider you one of the finest photographers in the area.  Your classes have always been excellent – both for photographic instruction and Photoshop.  I always look forward to your next session because the information is always relevant and your hands-on field trip for the full moon shoot is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had.  Jack B