I began my photographic career in my early twenties.  I was working in the Marketing Department of a large national corporation and became enthralled with the slideshows that were put together as marketing tools for the company’s products. I simply could not wrap my head around how you could possibly make a “widget” look so good that I even wanted to buy them. I sought out the company’s photographer who became my friend and mentor. Without him, I very well could have missed out on this wonderful photographic career that has touched my life (and others through me) in a multitude of ways.

During the late 1990’s, I sensed that the world of “digital” was not a fad and would change our lives as we knew it.  At that time in my life I was a computer consultant and I could see all the possibilities for processing photos on the computer.  So, in 1999 I purchased my first Nikon digital SLR which completely reignited my love and passion for photography in a new and different way.

In 2002, I opened my first “Main Street” photography location with my husband and daughters. Soon we had a successful wedding and family photography business providing prints, albums, and digital images to our clientele.  In 2008, the business launched into video and was headed by my husband, Mike, but I could clearly see that I was reaching a limit to what I could bring to the business.

In 2012, I put the business in the capable hands of my daughter, Jess, and moved on to a “calling” that I had wanted to pursue for many years, mentoring others.  I was more passionate than ever about photography and I saw the need to grow that passion in others by building and affirming their strengths and encouraging them with new techniques and possibilities where they have weaknesses.

To establish a platform for this type of mentoring, I have developed From the Heart to the Lens” and “Photoshop Deep Dive” Workshops where I can work one-on-one and in small groups with photographers to engage, encourage, mentor and help them to stretch their talent to new heights.

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